King Tytas

King of Dennholm


Age: 57
House: House of Denn
Titles: King of Dennholm and Bordaigne, High King of the Dwarves, Great Chieftan of the Northern Clans


King of Dennholm, Tytas has reigned since he received the crown from his father 20 years ago. Tytas followed his father’s footsteps of increasing Dennholm’s relationship with Mishido, and is vocal about his adoration for Mishido culture and people. He expanded the territory given over to Mishido control, and has encouraged immigration from Mishido as well as incorporating elements of Mishido culture into the royal court. This has drawn allegations of a traitorous shame for Dennholm’s culture, a charge not dissipated by Tytas’ closeness with his consortKasami and fondness for their bastard Kenji.

King Tytas

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